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3-Wick Candle — Small Batch, Vegan, Soy-wax

3-Wick Candle — Small Batch, Vegan, Soy-wax


Collection Overview—
Simple. Natural. Perfect. Whether intense or standard strengths, each of the scents that appear in the aftermodern.apothecary collection call upon our most nostalgic experiences. A careful examination of the relationships between our sense of smell and our deepest emotions.

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Capacity: 14 oz.
Burn time: 70-75 hours
Material: Natural Soy Wax & Essential Oils

bugger off — Mosquitos don't stand a chance. Buzz. Buzz. Bite! The great outdoors is not so great when mosquitos are ruining that beautiful view from the dock. Our citronella candles are formulated with twice the amount of essential oils as most candles on the market; of the same size. Say goodbye to those pesky little vampires!