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VG Diorama — Problem Solving

VG Diorama — Problem Solving


Inspired by the Mario 3 video game, this hand-crafted diorama features a multi-layer 3D visualization that reminds us sometimes we need to take a step back to take a giant leap forward. 

Flavour Text— 
Problem Solving: Sometimes, the best path forward starts with taking a step back.

Collection Overview—
Each of our VG Dioramas is drawn by Anthony Campea and inspired by a variety of video games. The inner scene is crafted from laser-cut vinyl and permanently adhered to acrylic to ensure durability over time. The pieces are hand-assembled and the diorama is placed and sealed in a clear acrylic display case.

Dimensions: 6.125 in3 (15.5 cm3)
Materials: Vinyl and Acrylic
Weight: 1.6 k