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Lorem Ipsum Aenigma, Light — 1000 Piece Puzzle

Lorem Ipsum Aenigma, Light — 1000 Piece Puzzle



This 1000 piece puzzle features Coral copy (an excerpt from Cicero's De Finibus Bonorum Et Malorum) overlaid on strips of the original page.

The puzzle is printed on Eska Puzzle Board. Specially developed in blue or grey and produced using only 100% recovered paper, it solves every problem.

Collection Overview—
Within this linear design process, we questioned how we build, design, and execute visual communication. Our subject, Lorem Ipsum, the starting point of typographic relationships in a composition. The backdrop, the history of this well-known text, now the standard for placeholder copy. The design, the intersection of these two concepts executed in a modern-day enigma: the jigsaw puzzle.

Discover. Solve. Learn.

Size: 28" x 19.75" (72.12cm x 50.14cm)

Print: Lorem Ipsum Aenigma Print
Background: White
Material: Eska Puzzle Board
Finish: Matte